Born: September 25, 2001
Time: 12:12 am
Weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces
Length: 22 inches
Zane’s Report
It was past midnight just minutes after my due date when I heard my Mommy tell my Daddy that her water broke. Daddy was grumpy as he only had half an hour of sleep and Mommy only had an hour. But she sprinted to the phone and called the doctor who told her to go to the hospital. An hour later we were at the hospital where they monitored my heartbeat right away. I heard the nurse coming in every once in a while and ask if Mommy had any contractions. She must not have as at 7am they said the midwife would be in to see Mommy to discuss starting labor. At 10am I heard them say Mommy was going to start getting Pitocin to move things along since once the water breaks, they like to give only 24 hours to get me out to reduce the chance of infection. Shortly after that I heard Mommy exclaim that the long awaited contractions had started. Things went fairly smoothly. The labor nurse was very happy with Mommy’s progress. Then at 6pm that night, Mommy started having convulsions. Her body just shook uncontrollably. She opted for an epidural since she couldn’t control her body and she was moaning about the pain. Less than two hours later, the nurse said she was ready to push to get me out. Mommy pushed for over two hours, but I wouldn’t come out. I heard the doctor say they were going to have to come in and get me as time was running out. Next thing I knew there was a bright light and I was put in Daddy’s arms. It was love at first sight. Then after Mommy’s surgery was done, I got to see her. It was so nice to be near her again. Both Mommy and Daddy hugged and cuddled me – I can tell that I am loved.